Tuesday, February 11, 2020

Taxation Research Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1500 words

Taxation - Research Paper Example Many industrialized countries have been developed the system of health insurances while United States lacks this system. Based on this issue it is evident that the size of public sectors varies considerably from different countries. Comparison of the economies in Russia and United States The economic relationship between Russia and the United States ended a long time, and there are no aspects of mutual destruction (CHERNIAVSKII, and VARTAPETOV 18). However, Russians have remains as the major economic powerhouses, and they have played a major role in the world stage. Russia has an improved culture history, and at times, it has been described as the military agency. However, according to Americans, it has remained an undiscovered country with numerous resources. The economic status of Russia has been in a fluctuation state compared to the United States, based on the Bolshevik revolution although it is interesting to note that differences in geographic population and the military role h ave a major contribution on the entire economic population (McConnell et al. 29). Economic ties between Russia and the United States are important since they provide stability to the broad bilateral relationships among the two countries. Stable political relationships have been developed by economic integration. ... It is evident that several measures have been developed, and they are not less important that the US economic relationships with other developing markets. Government spending as a percentage of GDP Over the past couple of years, it has been noted that trade between Russia and US has developed fast, although it is rated to be on a low level. Since the year 200, the export of US to Russia have increased by an estimated of 22% annually while US imports from Russia have increased to 19% annually. On a basic analysis, it is evident that Russia has contributed to 0.7% of the US exports and 1.3% of imports in the year 2008 (Serguey and Batkibekov 47). The trade between Russia and US has been analyzed through inter-industry trade that accounts for the difference between imported and exported goods, and the intra-industry trade that accounts for similar imports and exports. Considering the different industrial structure and resource bequest of Russia and the US, it is evident that the US-Russ ia trade entails of inter-industry trade (CHERNIAVSKII, and VARTAPETOV 28). It has been noted that the large trade items in inter-industry trade has been accredited to 90% of the improvement of US-Russia trade (Papadimitriou 49). Considering the dominant export and import goods from US, it is evident that the most popular goods from US to Russia include nuclear equipment, vehicles and meat products. However, the largest imports to the US from Russia include mineral fuels, aluminum and inorganic chemicals. The US-Russia economic relations on international perspective gauge whether it has declined through comparison to bilateral relations. This is done, because the US has investments with other countries, such as

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